A Happy Client and Proud Homeowner


There’s always a first time for everybody. For me it was a first time, in my real estate life, to pick up a buyer from the airport, show homes they preselected, then take them back to the airport same day. It wasn’t my client’s first time to buy real estate, but the first time for their daughter, Heide.

Heide and I viewed as much homes as we could, as she took notes and video, rated each one, to share with her parents. Heide is a gifted student. At her young age, she got accepted into a doctoral degree at UCLA.

Heide’s decision to either get in the rental approval list for in-campus rental or acquire a condo inside of two months was crucial. And this condo must be in a reasonable bus distance, plus it must be safe to walk to bus stops and home. If she ended with a condo too far for her bus rides, she had to drive her car to the university and pay hefty parking fees in campus.

The most unique opportunity arrived. Heide saw the condo on Overland in the multiple listing, she had been eyeing on this spot because the bus stop was just across the street, and the library, too. Heide loves to go to libraries.

Mom and Dad loved Heide very much. It was this condo or none at all. True, because all the other condos were not the option. They put their best bet, and within reason, which was very tough to do because they didn’t want to go crazy either.

The competition was very keen – the family asked my coaching, how to approach the listing agent, what to say, or do. They listened, for which I felt honored. They won the bid!

The agent later admitted she was not just looking for the highest and best offer. She was evaluating all of us – who was the most deserving family, the most efficient lender, and the most professional realtor (me)! I tell you. I haven’t dealt with the most professional listing agent in the longest time. I miss the old days.

We closed escrow timely. Heide is a happy and proud owner of a beautiful condo in Culver City. Dolly and Exie are very proud of their accomplishments. In fact, they are proud parents of Heide, and her other sisters. They have always helped and provided for their children.