Dream-Staging an International Venture, pt. 2

Boracay Island, Philippines in December, 2010

Buying beach front properties is still an open opportunity. Corporate investors are starting to buy up and tear down shanties to build resorts and hotels. There are still some native owners one can try to find if one is willing to research deeper and strike a deal. White sands all around the island; west side, called white long beach, is calmer than the east side. Tourists from parts of the world gather on the west side. I looked closer at the sand, it is made of pulverized shells and corals. The water never gets murky.

The roads throughout the island are narrow. Public vehicles that fit are small jeepneys, tricyles, bug cars and minivans. One thing nice, there are no mosquitoes in Boracay, at least in the restaurants and shops and hotels I was in. We stayed at peaceful and quiet Fairways and Bluewater, a Golf Country Club way up the inner north of the island. Many acres of rolling hills, separate buildings connected by shuttle services.

The waiters served us like we were queens; breakfast (brunch) buffet was served until 10:00 a.m. Dinner was great too, but we wanted to do restaurant and hotel hopping. Fridays Hotel offers fine dining at the beach.  What we enjoyed the most was lunch at a beach hut: fresh sea food, ginataang crabs, buko (young coconut).