The Best Way to Kill Bugs

Why would you choose fumigation over local spray, orange oil, wavelength microwave, or other alternatives to fumigation? Because, it is still the best way to eradicate the most persistent hordes of wood-eating termites.

In my opinion, fumigation is still the best option. Lethal gas can go into tiniest cracks and spaces and meet and greet those critters. Once the house is tented and air tight, these guys don’t stand a chance, but there are things that need to be done to make sure it’s safe! Check and make sure no one is at home sleeping in one of the bedrooms, working in the attic or under the house, or maybe even an uninvited guest stopped by for a one night stay because the house was vacant, I have heard many of those horror stories. Make sure all your cats, dogs, fish, and pets, are accounted for and boarded. Plants also need to be removed from inside and any plants near the sides of the house may fall under the tent and be cooked. Your food in the refrigerator must be secured in special bags provided by the termite company. Certain materials such as your leather jackets and leather sofas need to be protected. Of course, remember to find a place to stay for a couple days!

Fumigation is very expensive but if money is not an issue, this is the most popular choice because it is the most effective.

When the tent is down for the next few days, don’t enter the house unless the termite company posts a Safe-to-Enter sign. Sadly when it’s safe to enter, termites in neighboring buildings can fly in again because it is safe for them too.

Now, how do you know if they really fumed the house? I will email you a Starbucks Gift Card for $20 to whomever can give me the most creative way to find or plant evidence that the fumes truly went through. I will publish everybody’s reply; identify yourself with a unique pen name. The answer must be true but very creative and entertaining.