Now Is A Great Time to Sell

Beautiful home on Thornlake Av. in Cerritos, CA

I was knocking on doors in Cerritos to find homeowners to put their property on the market and to help them sell their house quickly. I was approaching a beautiful home on Thornlake Ave. (shown in the picture) when two big dogs barked loudly at me and almost jumped over the fence. For a moment I was scared for my safety but, to my relief, one of the homeowners – the husband, came outside to see what was going on.

We had a great conversation. As it turned out, he needed help to sell their house quickly. It was critical for him to find a dependable Realtor to guarantee that they get the most money from their property. It was fun and exciting for me to prepare a personalized Comparable Market Analysis, and send it to my client, who appreciated the convenience of being able to see favorable conditions for selling their property.

They had a specific asking price to list their property. Being in Real Estate for over 30 years, my proven experience allowed me to gauge the market condition in the current economic climate. I proposed an amount lower than their initial asking price. At first, my clients were reluctant to go with my proposal, so I explained to them that if the price was too high, buyers may not be interested in looking at the property.

The homeowners were pleasantly shocked with the results, when an abundance of offers came instantly as soon as we put the listing on MLS. One prospective buyer liked the property so much that they offered an amount higher than our listing price. And it was more money than my clients’ original asking price!

The buyers could not wait to see the house. Their agent could not accompany them because it was a short notice, so I arranged with the homeowners to accommodate the buyers. The buyers brought their entire family to see the property. They stayed for a while and their children spent time imagining all the fun experience they will be having in their new home.

Click here to view the listing and get more details about the property.

Now is really a powerful time to sell. Who do you know wants to sell their house, and who could benefit from the assistance of a highly-trained and very experienced Realtor?

My name is Carmelita. You can reach me at (562) 305-7995.